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FunkBox Drum Machine 3.5 adds iOS8, AB and promises more

Here's what's new with FunkBox Drum Machine in version 3.5:
  • Updated for iOS 8 compatibility.
  • Updated with latest AudioBus library, which is required for iOS 8. AB now requires iOS 7+, so FunkBox does also. Devices using older iOS versions can still download and use FunkBox 3.4, which uses the older AB library and is iOS 5.1 - iOS 7 compatible.
  • Added Audiobus state save of current MIDI routing configuration. This can be turned off via the Settings app.
  • Added new roll option that will queue up the first hit so it always plays in time, instead of immediately playing it. This option can be turned on via the Settings app.
  • Added missing LM-2 tambourine and conga sounds to the sample library.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

But the other good news is ...

"We are still working on additional features for a future release, this update was primarily for iOS 8 and AudioBus compatibility. Thanks for your support!"

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