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Music on the Move Episode 2: Midi Fighter Twister & iPhone (Capital Cities - One Minute More Remix)

I really like this. It is really what the whole this about isn't it? Being able to create, remix or whatever, wherever you are.

Video Description:

"In Episode 2 we are using DJ TechTools' Midi Fighter Twister (which is bus powered) with an iPhone 5 using the USB camera connection kit, while running the iOS app Loopy to create a live remix of Capital Cities song "One Minute More".

All samples are taken from Capital Cities' stems, and a few select loops from Loopmasters.

This is meant for demonstration purposes and not as a live performance.

Video Credit: Alex Medvick

For DJ TechTools members: the Traktor Remix Kit for this can be downloaded here: https://sounds.djtechtools.com/sounds/44"

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