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Cinebient - Volume 1 (100 free Mitosynth Patches; read track info for more) by Cinebient

O.k.: I will not post here much like i said but i have still to share this here: O.k. i stripped some things a bit down and had also some trouble with a few patches after export/import. Well, however some of them are still more in a "beta" but i think it's another nice bunch to get you inspired to make your own or use the settings or put your own or additional sound sources into it. You have nothing to loose... all is free ;) Now it's a package of exact 100 patches including some tiny field recordings from me, a few sampled iOS synths (i'm sure you will hear the charcter of most of them even when i just used custom made patches of course) and a few royaltiy free samples (not the highest quality-gave them a tiny FX boost). The main thing is here to get you inspired to make your own and share them with the crowd. IOS need this really. Cinebient - Volume 2 will also include 100 patches but with more (mastered)field recordings and samples which i want to make exclusive for this prj... even when all is fine it could take some time :) Here we go: http://ift.tt/1wMmHqT Edit: There is a short description (or comment;) for each patch... If somethings seems broken or the link doesn't work, please tell me.... otherwise have fun....i'm going back into the wide spaces of the universe... Cheers!

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