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Hypebot on SoundCloud's version 3 of their iPhone app

Hypebot's piece on SoundCloud's new iPhone app has got it just about right. I do hope that SoundCloud are listening, because this has upset a lot of people.

It's interesting though. I remember talking to SoundCloud about their strategy late last year, and at that point they were talking about doing more for the listener. Which I remember thinking was a good idea overall. However, I think that they've done exactly what Hypebot has said, they've thrown the baby out with the bath water.

What do you think?

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Electric Heathen said...

I opened the new version shortly after updating and said "oh, I guess this looks nice" for 10 seconds and then everything I said afterwards was along the lines of "wait - where's the ability to record and upload within the app? Where's the track info?! Where have my private playlists gone?!?!"

First Youtube and now Soundcloud. June has been a thorough bummer so far.