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midiSequencer 1.6 brings a new IAP and enhancements

Here's what's new:

  • Chords and Added notes per step. Each step can now have up to 127 additional notes, each one can be adjusted for loudness and length relative to step note.
  • Choose from easy pick chords to which you can freely add or remove Added notes or even invert them in the chords.
  • Convert any additional note to the step note - all additional notes will then be relative to this new step note.

  • Audiobus 2 supported with remote stop/start, goto step1, enable/disable record midi in & midi out.
  • Option to have one-touch load in performance panel (settings option)
  • Rewritten key scale picker. Added Major/Minor Pentatonic and Wholetone (C,Db).
  • Midi CC32 will change snapshot 1..20 (with enable/disable in Options). Works with cycle to enable synchronisation to cycle reset.
  • Mute buttons on front screen for all 16 steps (skip button x or Rx also mutes).
  • Steps can be forced to chromatic scale to allow foreign notes in scales. Label shown in yellow.
  • Ability to send midi CC's only (notes muted) for CC automation over keyboard play.
  • Can use control increment/decrement buttons with linked controls to increment/decrement all 16 controls new ornament ratchet - 6 added (step sub-divided by
  • six)
  • Repeat step (x2,x3,x4) - like Intellijel Metropolis. Works with muted steps, cycle & bounce too.
  • Keypad entry for tempo.

Bug fixes
  • Note names for invert key are now always chromatic rather than scale
  • Cycle button state no longer saved/loaded with snapshot.
  • Modified all rotary controls to follow touch to make selection easier. Snap to start/end values.
  • Midi Start was continuing rather than resetting to step 1. Two or more midi stops now reset to step 1.
  • Midi clock/start/stop/continue as midi in not disabled by front panel record-in button (which affects notes & cc's only)
  • Truncate long device names (e.g. iConnect2 + iCM2 ...)

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