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Oscilab has arrived ...

Oscilab gives you an hypnotizing musical experience. It's an innovative wave oriented sequencer that lets you make unique loops and sounds with simple gestures.

The app is easy to pick up and go. You can play for hours but also produce high-quality tracks of any music style within minutes.

  • 28 wave shapers: control FREQUENCY, Filter CUTOFF, AMP and PAN of 6 devices.
  • 6 Channel mixer, with 2 FX channels.
  • Live Mode: 6 pads to tweak the frequency and cutoff of the generated patterns in real time.
  • Drum Machine with 15 high-quality drumkits.
  • 36 high-quality sampled instruments.
  • Analog Synth with two oscillators, featuring ring modulation, frequency modulation and ADSR control.
  • Global harmonic control: change all the arpeggiators tune settings from a single place.
  • Record and upload your mixdowns to SoundCloud or other installed apps (supports Audiocopy).

Oscilab is priced at $4.99 which is 50% off the normal price.


thinds said...

Just brilliant. Well worth the wait. Incredibly simple to pick up and use.

Anonymous said...

I think the dev shouldn't have had a working App Store link on this page for over a week. He also should have comminuted more clearly as to what state the review was stage was in.
Let's just hope that he manages to sell enough copies to make it worth his while to support it.