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MIDI Designer Pro 1.5.3 arrives

Version 1.5.3 introduces one key feature and more than a dozen fixes. The key feature is called Bounce Back, which wraps up several user-requested features in one. This feature shows the flexibility and simplicity of using super-/subcontrols.

Key Feature: Bounce Back
Bounce Back is also called "2nd Press Action for Button Group." A button group is a group of controls where turning one on turns the others off. Bounce Back let's you choose what happens when you press the button that is already on. There are six options including "do nothing," "resend" and "bounce to previous." Allows for on-the-fly sequences to be created.

More Features
  • Black LED color
  • Choose highlight colors for page (or leave as automatic)
  • New MIDI Message Type: Song Pointer Position.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Button groups for bidirectional MIDI communication
  • Fixed dynamic controls with crossfader overlap for bidirectional MIDI communication
  • Fixed: Initial values were not being saved/updated correctly for the default preset used on load
  • Fixed: Initial layout for new users was confusing (mirroring bug). Fixed all implications. MD will now consider layouts with no controls and < 4 pages to be blank. 
  • Fixed: Obscure defect on converting inverted (display & MIDI) values to named ticks 
  • Fixed: Several properties not being cloned with make similar 
  • Fixed: Multiple problems with design mode (crossfade overlap, hide label, and control name label) 
  • Fixed: All drag circles were exceeding bounding box (e.g., supercontrols drag button) 
  • Fixed: Could not add more than 50 subcontrols to a control (or any of its children) 
  • Fixed: LED slider rounding incorrectly. 
  • Fixed: Page tabs not layering correctly 
  • Fixed: panels end up in front sometimes

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