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We have Audiobus, we have MIDIbus (-ish), so how about ...


What about an app that could hold, move / transfer and share patches from any synth app? A bit like AudioShare but for patches? That would be so useful! It would be amazing! Here's a rough outline of what I'd like it to do:
  • Save patches from any synth app
  • Back up patches / banks to dropbox or another cloud service
  • Share / publish patches to social media sites
And if I'm really honest I'd like to see:
  • The ability to move a patch from one synth app to another
So, is it even vaguely possible? Would you use it?

Anyone up for even thinking about it?


Michael Lumb said...

I would think this would need some form of standardized universal patch file type. The file would have to include all the normal synth parameters like OSC, filters, etc... so that each app could read it and find the settings it needs. I would think its possible, but the results would definitely vary since not every synth has the same architecture. Some have more OSC, or different types, etc... so trying to open a patch from say Thor in Epic is going to sound VERY different.

Unknown said...

Last year I started writing iOS app concept allowing management of software/hardware synths - but what is point of such concept - in general nor developers nor users are interested in midi based workflow. Everybody is interested in synths and nearly only widely accepted workflow is overlaying loops. So I think market is not ready to accept anything more than audiobus, at least yet

Artimus Hedrick said...

I am a mobile user interface designer, and though this sounds like some very serious upfront dev work, I'd love to be a part of the design process on something like this.

I would definitely use it because some synths have a far superior interface.

Scott M2 said...

I can't see transfering a patch between different synths but I could definitely use an app one to transfer patches between similar synths on multiple iPads/iPhones. Dropbox or iCloud sound like a reasonable temp storage areas for patches.

Currently I program on my iPad 3 then back the pad up to iTunes then restore my iPad 1 from that backup before a show so all my patches are available in each machine. The problem now is that my iPad 1 can't go to IOS6 let alone IOS7 so my iPad 3 is stuck in IOS5 so that I can restore into the older iPad.

The Patchbus app would be a fantastic soultion and perhaps could transfer patches to iPhone versions of Animoog, Sunrizer or whatever from the easier to program on iPad. All without connecting to iTunes!

Scott said...

Transferring patches from one synth to the other would be cool, but likely difficult and with plenty of snags. But if what you're after is the sound of the patch then what about a soundfont manager? Incorporating soundfonts would be easy for synth apps to incorporate and each one would be able to modify it in its own special way.