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Korg M01 Music Workstation Video

I've tried to translate their blog page but it doesn't give much more detail. As soon as I can get specs and requirements etc I'll post them. I'm assuming that this will run on the DS Lite as well as the DSi


johnnyg0 said...

It would be really great if you can sync it wireless with another DS running the Korg DS10 and play with both of them without losing sync, much like you can with multible DS+DS10. I also hope you can record 8 bars loops.

+ that guy's face on the beginning of the video defines nerdgasm :)

mchl nrvs said...

johnnyg0 - you said exactly what's on my mind..

Mr. A said...

Oh wow, so we're talking a KORG M1 Rompler in your pocket. Sweet. It would have been nice to have a Wavestation instead, but I understand why they went for a "workhorse" like the M1.

Thought: This time around it would be nice if they made it cross-platform with iOS.

Furthermore, I think KORG needs to either utilize DSMI or come up with their own universal MIDI-like sync protocol across all of their portable music apps. It would be killer to sync up an iPad running iElectribe, a DS running DS-10, and a DSi running MA01.

Another item on my KORG "wish-list" would be an iOS version of Kaossilator, specifically iTouch. Perfect form-factor for it. Wait until the original goes out of production to prevent cannibalization, then release the iOS software version. Everybody wins.

ashley said...

I just wish there were some specs! I do like the sync to DS-10 idea.

I wonder why they're not going iOS for any of this? I guess it could be because of all the issues around cracked software on iOS

johnnyg0 said...


Funny how you say that about the IOS piracy, I know its everywhere, but for me it was the first "computer" platform I decided I would pay for everything (mostly because it was populated with indie devs at the time.), to this day I have paid for everything I got on IOS, even if I have jailbroken all my units.

Note that IOS is also the platform I wasted the most money on for nothing (mostly because there was no demos and I just couldn't resist when some apps costs less than a pack of gum :)

william said...
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william said...

found some more info on the site:



Marlene DeGrood said...

I'm charging up my DS!

ashley said...

Thanks for the links.

Johnny, I know what you mean about demos. I wish that Apple would sort that out, but I'm guessing that their response will be that devs can make lite versions or allow functionality to be bought via in-app purchase.

Even so it isn't ideal. I'd rather have 14 or 30 day demos, but I doubt that will happen.