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Korg M01 Music Workstation round up

Lots more news on the Korg M1 for the DS. So here's what it says on the Detune page:
  • 8-part multi-timbral synthesizer with more than 300 sounds including whole of the original PCM data in the KORG M1 (maximum 12 voices)
  • 8-track/16-step sequencer (maximum 64 steps per a sequence)
  • 1 Master effect: Reverb or Delay
  • Simple and well-composed screens structure: Track overview, Sound browser, Sequence edit, Mixer, and Keyboard
  • Easy input mode for notes, chords, and drums with Touch control screen
  • Exchange of song data between the others with Nintendo DS wireless system
KORG M01 will be released in Japan in December, 2010.
We are planning the international sales.

All excellent news so far. Looking back to the original DS-10 launch in 2008 (yes, it was that long ago), it wasn't a huge wait for the cart to become available worldwide, so hopefully this launch will follow suit.

CDM picks up the story too. But I do wonder what Korg's strategy is around the handheld and mobile market. Monotron, iElectribe, DS-10 and now this! Where next?

I'd like to see a Kaossilator for the iPhone or iPad, I wonder if they'll do something like that? Who knows where they'll go next, and I know that we'd all like to see the Monotron become a line of tiny handheld synths with a Monotron Pro and a Sampletron too!

Still, they keep us guessing and I like that. Here's looking forward to whatever they do next, and also to December for the M01.

Pictures via All Things DS-10 (will be see an 'All Things M01' blog?)


robman84 said...

Very nice! I finally tracked down DS10+ this month so I am excited by this. Of course I'd like to see the developer working on idevices too!

As for Korg gear, a virtual KP3 on my iPad or iPhone would do nicely thanks :o). I know there are fx apps out there, but the sampling and looping of the KP3 is unmatched by them.

Unknown said...

I want one of these and a Monotron so bad.

ashley said...

Agree a KP3 would be great

Unknown said...

I don't think there's a strategy so much... I think AQ Interactive enjoys making these little projects. We already saw that they approached Korg, rather than the other way around.

But notice from our story that in the actual presentation, they mentioned iOS as a specific possibility. So it may be that as AQ gets into iOS dev, so do these apps.

Rod Donovan said...

I'm really having a hard time understanding the target audience for this, unless first-generation ROMplers are the "new vintage." There's nothing about the M1 that's legendary or desirable in any way, unless maybe you're Michael McDonald's backline on the '89 World Tour or something. Especially when they have the horsepower to pull of something like a "DS-20" (with MS-20's) or even something like their Legacy series (MS-20, Polysix) with effects and a sequencer, it's just sort of baffling that they'd do something like this. Early ROMplers like the M1 are the worst aspects of digital (lo-res PCM waveforms, awful interface) and analog ("analog-style" synth architecture without any analog components) and aren't "legendary" or desirable in any way these days.

ashley said...

Peter, I hadn't picked up on the iOS possibilities, where was that from I must have missed it