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Noise IO arrives at last

Noise.io - the iPhone Synthesizer from ToyoBunko on Vimeo.

Noise IO Pro arrives at the app store at long last. It'll be interesting to try this out. I'm hoping that it will be as good as I'm expecting. I think that the price is quite reasonable at £5.99.

I don't think that the title has appeared so far, the "Noise IO Pro" is a bit new.

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Anonymous said...

The sounds it makes are fantastic, and it does what it said it would. I'd love to see some form of mix-down to a wave file for rudimentary multi-tracking, as well as a more featured sequencer. Mind you, my wish list could extend beyond the length of this page...

* Percussion track and synth (a la DS10, which renders your drum sounds as samples to reduce CPU overhead)

* OSC support (to play via external sequencer or device like a midi keyboard)

I could go on, but I'd like to get back to making sounds :o)

ashley said...

I agree that the sounds are really good, and I like your suggestions too.