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Capers could see the light of day?

I noticed that my comment on Brian Whitman's Pushpin release had got published, and so I read the whole post again and noticed this:

"During the summer of 2000 I went through a sort of decompensation that resulted in my sitting on one of those Amtrak NYC->Boston trains that somehow go through Springfield MA and take roughly $34 in box Amtrak dining car wine to get there. On the tray table was my trusty Palm VII, the same one that supported earlier developments as Egg Timer, Hedgehog (and baby Hedgehog), Tractor Pull and the nascent Capers API (more on these later) — head to head, kissing IR sensors with my prized clear purple Gameboy Color (aka “Tetris DX Machine.”)"

So, I wonder if the "... more on these later ..." comment could mean

a) A release of workable capers applets for OS5 Palm devices?
b) A full release of capers as an OS replacement for Palm OS4 devices?
c) A release of the capers code for other developers to take on?

Ideally I'd love to see a or b, but c would be fine too.


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't he let the code go or do something with it?

Anonymous said...

Nothing on capers as yet though?