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Mobile Music in 2007: Round up

I thought it might be worthwhile to give 2007 a little review in terms of some of the highlights of the year, Of course, lots of other things happened and, but this is kind of a best of review of 2007. Overall a good year for mobile music in many ways.

Apple announces the iPhone a mobile device running OSX
Belkin announces the TuneStudio, a 4track hardware add-on for 5th Gen iPods.

4Pockets release Pocket StompBox for Windows Mobile, an effects box for using live.
Alesis announce iMultiMix 8 USB with iPod integration.

miniMusic released their MIDI player / mixer application MixPad

Palm announce their new Linux based OS.

In May we saw the release of the first true multi-track software for a handheld. MeTeoR by 4Pockets gives 12 tracks of audio with effects and automation.
Tao Group go into administration and with them miniMIXA disappears for ever.
Palm Sounds publishes the mobile music directory.
Pacemaker DJ

Intermorphic are born out of Tao Group and announce their first products.
Griff Network MIDI plugin surfaces.
MeTeoR PC version becomes available.
Syntrax becomes free.
MilkyTracker v0.90.60 released.

Mixx Mobile released
Palm Sounds announces Sound Toys series

Pophorns are coming.
DScratch video on YouTube
Palm Sounds releases first Sound Toy app - ranDRUM
Psytexx II updated to v 0.5

Tenori-on launch
UbiSoft release JamSessions for the DS platform
Kaosillator announced by Korg
More details on DScratch appear
iPod Touch announced.
Palm cancels the Foleo device
Pophorns go live!

MeTeoR saw an upgrade to version 1.07
Apple announce official SDK for iPhone / iPod Touch coming Feb 2008
DScratch is to become DS Protein Suite of audio manipulation applications
TrakAx mobile multimedia app for Pocket PC on the way
Circuit Bending challenge from CDM
Styletap Symbian version in alpha: Now run Bhajis in Symbian!

Pixilang version 1.2 allows Palm users to create soft synth type applications
iPhone comes to the UK
iPod Touch firmware upgrade allows calendar add / edit. iPod Touch becomes a true PDA
Google announces Android mobile OS.
Harmonix Phase game for 5th Gen iPods appears
TrakAx Mobile becomes available for Windows Mobile

Garnet VM for Nokia internet tablet allows Palm apps to run.

All in all I think it was a good year in many ways. There have been some new applications and some apps that have disappeared namely miniMIXA. There's been lots of new hardware too, and maybe the start of a more mainstream future for mobile music.

So, more of the same for 2008 or a really interesting year on the horizon? Time will tell.

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