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What do you want for Christmas?

Well it is that time of year again. With only a few days to go what are you wishing for? I've had several emails this Christmas about different "gift" ideas, so I though I'd share some of them, and a few of my own suggestions too:

1. Kaosillator - Only £119 and it does look very cool indeed.

2. Casio VL-1 - You can still get these on eBay for around £30

3. TrakAx Mobile - One of the best applications of the year in my opinion, and very reasonably priced.

4. Yamaha MU15 - A bit more difficult to come by, but a great little tone module

5. Yamaha SU10 - Quite hard to get hold of, but very collectable.

6. Roland PMA 5 - Again, hard to find, but (apparently) very good indeed.

7. MiniMusic Pro Suite - The collection of applications from miniMusic (a must have as far as I'm concerned.

8. Boss MICRO-BR - The iPod sized 4 track.

9. A Stylophone - I never had one, but you have to admit that they have some real history behind them.

I'm guessing that I won't find all (or indeed one) of these in my Christmas stocking, but I can hope can't I?

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