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pd POD: How's Theologiae getting on?

I was looking at 3rd gen iPods again considering trying out pd Pod, and I remembered that I hadn't heard from theologiae for a while these comments were posted.

"theologiae said...
really cool stuff. makes me want to go out and get pd running on an iPod. i have a ton of questions i'd like to ask, but first off, does the storage limit matter when installing pd? i figure the bigger the better, but i thought i'd ask.

theologiae said...
it's theologiae again. i go 1st gen ipod tonight and put linux on it as soon as i came home. but i've had a lot of problems getting pd to work. i get a error message when i try and launch the test files. i posted something in the ipod/linux forum, so i'll see if there is a fix to my problem.
but i'm close to getting this set up. i'm glad to have found you blog, once i get it going, i'm going to love it."

theologiae, if you're out there, let us know how you're getting on with pd Pod?

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