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Can you make your own Bhajis plug-ins?

Is it difficult I wonder? I remember that some time ago there was some debate on the Bhajis Forums about this, but it was a while back. If you could make your own what would you make?


Anonymous said...

an advanced Phaser

Anonymous said...

I am really interested in the prospect of new plug-ins for Bhajis Loops.
I find Bhajis to be the most satisfactory creative environment I have found so far, and with the unlikelihood of further updates, it seems plug-ins are the best way to advance the program.
I have never seen any third-party plug-ins made...only Olivier's ones. I have very little programming knowledge of my own (let alone for the Palm platform) but an incentive such as more Bhajis plug-ins could convince me to learn.
I would like to see a more usable phaser, a 'saturator'-like effect, some different reverbs, a distortion effect and also perhaps a re-write of the Buffer Lock plugin (i have trouble getting this plug-in to work as desired, this is probably just me though). I am sure there are further effects possible, probably some quite experimental ones too.