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Capers: Anyone interested in taking the code further?

The next step with the capers project is to find someone to take on the code and take it further. Any takers out there?

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Anonymous said...

Hell yes!

I remember reading about some exciting Palm MIDI apps around 1998-2001, and the Capers project involved IMO many of the most interesting. If I recall, these were made by Noah Vawter and Brian Whitman?

Meanwhile I took my "PDAs" on the road - circuit-bent toys and a DR-110 drum machine. Had lots of fun, but went unemployed for about four years, broke, and never got a Palm.

Now I am "settled" and employed (so now I have no time anymore). And this week bought a Treo 650! My first Palm! It'll arrive in a few days. So this weekend I am looking up the cool apps I remember. Making a MIDI interface to the Treo will not be easy, but it'll happen. And I hope the music apps I want to try will work, since some of the are probably old 68k code. Still, I'm sure I can nab a PalmIII for a few dollars these days.

And I've been pondering Palm code development. Yes, I am a bit novice, having hardly coded anything. But I haven't found everything I've looked for in software, so I knew I'd need to try writing some. Got to get some books on "Garnet" era Palm.

And wouldn't you know... source for stuff like Carpetbomb, Tractorpull, and Hedgehog was exactly the best sort of thing I could (not quite hope to!) find. So, yes! Definately. I really want to check out these Palm MIDI APIs.

Thanks for keeping the flame alive. BTW, it'd be handy if there were links on the current blog page to look back at previous weeks - I found this entirely by accident.


Anonymous said...

Oh, incidently, I am acousmatique@yahoo.com
aka CJ Miller
aka Metrophage

Anonymous said...

I wish those guys would let the code be released and maybe someone else could take it forward.

Anonymous said...

Shame this never happened.

Anonymous said...

Would have been good