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QOTD: Do you run more than one OS?

I know that some people use both iOS and Android, and of course some people (you can guess who) also still run things like Windows Mobile and even Palm OS! So do you run more than one OS, and if you do, why and which?


Anonymous said...

Yes! I am currently running on 4 Os's. I prefer OSX mostly as it seems to be the least hassle and lets me concentrate on creativity.
IOS as I like the selection of apps and it is also the easiest to work along with OSX. It also has a lot of awesome music apps that allow me to write music away from the computer.
I also use a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 which is Android based and I think has the most beautiful display out of any tablet I have worked on. I use this because the stylus allows me to draw on the go without having to drag around a bunch of art supplies when sketching ideas. If Apple had a decent stylus, and yes I have tried many, I would not have bothered with purchasing this. Or if Android had the same music capabilites and apps available as IOS I would not need my iPad.
I also run Windoze for a couple of reasons. I can't get certain software on OSX such as Softimage for 3D work, among a few others. I am also using a Cintiq Companion which has Windoze as I can't get anything OSX based that will run full programs like Photoshop and Zbrush that will allow me to draw on the screen like a tablet. This thing is awesome but I would prefer something based on OSX.
So that's my long explanation on the many devices and OS's I run. Nothing does everything. Windoze comes close but I do not like working in it compared to OSX. Just my preference.

MusicInclusive said...

iOS - Music production - purchased iDevices specifically for that - and, and after the fact use them as general purpose devices too

Android - Not for music production - with the exception of TouchDAW - which is excellent for remote control of a DAW from within my mic booth when no other engineer is around

MacOS - music production, studio control, app development and general purpose

Windoze - Music production - some VSTs that I really like are not available on MacOS - so Windoze runs one studio setup. Nothing else.

Linux - Application development and general purpose use.

WebOS - yes - WebOS - because it's there :-)