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Symphonix Evolution gets another update

Version 2.1.1 of Symphonix Evolution aims to further improve stability:

New and improved features are:
  • Symphonix Evolution now supports 64-bit architectures for improved performance on newer devices
  • Added a new option to delete tempo changes in a selected region
  • Added a new option to hide other tracks on the virtual synth keyboard when recording
  • When loading a MIDI file the space between columns is now adjusted for lyrics

Bugs fixed:
  • Tempo changes were not saved properly on the first track resulting in incorrect playback in some cases
  • Fixed crash when viewing custom devices in Device Manager
  • Fixed display alignment issue in Lyric Editor view on iOS 7
  • Fixed incorrect chord diagrams
  • Fixed rhythm beat display after load
  • Rhythm Maker now stops playback before loading another pattern
  • Fixed memory leaks in lyric view that eventually caused the app to crash
  • Fixed crash during playback
  • Fixed crash if autosync and step record turned on
  • When saving to a midi file, the initial volume and pan settings were not saved

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