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How do you organise your app? Your views are needed

We used to do top 10 apps, and 'what's on your home screen', which was really interesting from the perspective of seeing what people were using and how they had them organised, but as I haven't done one of those for a while now (and perhaps we should actually), it made me wonder how people were organising their apps, and especially how you organise your apps if you use more than one device. For instance, if you have an iPhone and an iPad do you organise the apps into the same named folders?

Interested to hear from people as to what you do, and if some themes come out then perhaps we'll have a poll on it.


narcosislabs said...

I change the arrangement frequently - about once every two weeks - because I find that I "forget" about certain apps if they get put in a folder I don't open.

Usually I just throw various apps together at random into 19 folders and give them nonsensical names - Bart, Ladybird, Zorp, King Me, Tubas, etc. This keeps me running across different apps as I search for specific apps. I find I end up opening things I probably would forget I have if all the Drum apps were together. If I don't start with a specific app, I just commit to using a certain folder and only the apps in that folder.

Folder 20 is a Utilities folder that has Audiobus, Audioshare, Twistedwave, TouchOSC, Lemur, etc.

Except for the Utilities folder, iPhone and iPad are completely different as it's way too much work to duplicate random setups every few weeks.

Steve said...

I organize my apps into the following folders:
Recording - Auria, AudioShare, AudioBus etc.
Synths: Contains the ones I use the most.
Synths Too: Synths that I haven't deleted but use less.
Beats and Midi: Self-explanatory
FX - Music, not sure why I added "Music"

I have similar folders on my phone but I only use phone for idly playing when waiting in the car or elsewhere and recording environmental sounds and band practice.

Matt Newby said...

Streaming - Pandora, Slacker, Spotify, etc.
Music Tools - tuners, chord charts
Beats - DrumJam, Impaktor, iMaschine, BeatMaker 2, MoDrum, Molten, etc.
Synths - infrequently used synths
DJ - djay 2, Cross DJ, DJ Player, DJ Mix Fix, and d(- -)b, although djay 2 is the only one I use regularly.
Other folders - I've got a couple other miscellaneous music folders with a hodge-podge of apps tucked away in 'em. I'm REALLY happy iOS 7 lets you dump a whole bunch of apps in a single folder!

The apps I use all the time sit outside folders on the home screen though: Lemur, NodeBeat, SoundPrism Pro, Nave, ThumbJam, NLog Pro, Animoog, MIDI Guitar, JamUp Pro, Bias, Magellan, and Galileo. Right now, I'm using the iOS platform for live performance as part of a contemporary praise and worship church band, where I play bass or electric/acoustic guitar in addition to ambient background pad tracks and live synth pads.

Other apps I haven't yet sorted into folders are on subsequent screens -- someday I'll stick 'em in folders, but today is not that day!

I have the same basic organization on both my iPad2 and iPad Air, but the 2 is fairly static and mostly used for the djay 2 playback of ambient guitar tracks, while the Air (which I purchased in late November) primarily rocks SP Pro and one of the synths. It's also host to all the new music apps I've purchased, since the Air is 128GB, while the 2 is only 32GB and quite cramped on space right now!

Matt Newby said...

And I forgot to click the email comments checkbox... and it won't let me turn that on without posting another comment, so sorry for the off topic post!