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Giant Isopod (universal), noise synth arrives

Giant Isopod is a synthesizer to generate noise. Let's try and drown in the noise coming from the depths of the sea!

  • Oscillator
  • Two Oscillators
  • Four Wave Types: Saw / Square / Noise / Magic
  • Pitch Sync

  • Three Filter Types: BPF / HPF / LPF

  • Three LFOs
  • Four Wave Types : Sine / Square / Saw / Random
  • Six Destinations : OSC1 Pitch / OSC1 Volume / OSC2 Pitch / OSC2 Volume / Filter CutOff / Master Volume

  • Two FXs: Lo-Fi / Delay

  • Two assignable X-Y Pads
  • Assignable Gyro Control

  • Supports virtual MIDI (MIDI IN only).
  • Supports MIDI sync (LFO Rate, Delay Time).
  • Supports Background playback.
  • Supports Audiobus (Input).
  • Supports for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad as a universal app.

The app is priced at $2.99.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This app is not working at the moment. Has display issues big time. S4 have got a fix and are working on it. Details on Audiobus forum. On the positive side, they responded to my email really quickly.