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PsyTexx II 0.4 Update

PsyTexx II has just been updated to version 0.4. New in this version:

* Added RAW-samples loading function
* Some windows redesigned
* Added "Clear comments" function
* Added two timers: working time and playing time
* He he... Multichannel arpeggio (0xx effect) was added. I like it :)
* Click on a channel: left button - mute/unmute channel; right - solo channel/unmute all
* Added new font: 8x13
* Improved sample editor
* Added wave drawing to the channels view
* Fixed many different bugs

I keep meaning to get to grips with Psytexx, both I and II, but never seem to get around to it, which I think is a shame as obviously a lot of work has gone into the software.

I am also really impressed that it is released as open source.

Part of me wants to start looking at their code to try and understand what is going on, but I know that I am unlikely to understand any of it at all.

Still, only January and an updated Palm application already. Excellent start to the year.

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