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Nanoloop Running on a Palm Zire 71

Now that is cool, I really must get around to trying this out. I've been meaning to try two emulations on my T3, firstly running GBulator with Nanoloop and apps by 8 Cylinder inside it (as seen in this photo of GBulator with Nanoloop, and also running Atari ST old music software on CaSTaway.

It has to be worth a go, certainly I think that the GBulator with Nanoloop / 8 Cylinder will work, I think that the Atari ST idea might be harder and less likely yet still worth a try.

So, there's a job for February.

Any other kinds of emulation worthwhile for palm?


Unknown said...

i bought gbulator and ust it with naonoloop but it freezes sometimes.
sludgeon 2 works prefectly.great and immediate results on this program.i have a tungsten c.use bhajis loops too which is amazing program.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on gbulator.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Your site is great and informative too.