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Is it time for an app spring clean?

I was thinking that I should clear out the the app sales page, or in fact, take it down for the moment, when I started to think about actually clearing out some of the apps on my devices. To be fair this is something that I do periodically anyway, or, to be more precise, this is something I try to do anyway.

It always seems to be harder when I get to it. There are always apps that I can't bring myself to delete even though I almost never use them! The end result is a device crammed full of apps with not too many of them actually being useful.

The made me wonder if anyone else does that, or indeed, has the same problems with getting rid of an app?


mUsic83 said...

I thought I was the only
app-o-chondriac. Nice to know there are others also afflicted by this. We should start a 12 step program for app-a-holics & app-o-chondriacs alike. Cheers !!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes and yes. Want to do it, try, whenever I'm hovering over the little x, I always leave it - maybe I haven't backed up patches or songs or maybe I WILL start using it. Then square one! Back, always back to square one. I need to be harsh with myself but can never decide which ones to dump. I've tried dumping everything I don't use regularly but then think I need to keep a few I'd like to learn but can never decide which. Hello square one, we meet again!