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Mixtikl Tutorial - Deep Editing II. Note-on control

Using the 2 oscillator synth from tutorial I this video looks at how to use Control Envelopes to sweep the filter at note-on.

Includes a tip for making the filter sound better and shows how to use the chord parameters in the Noatikl drill-down to transform a monosynth into a chordal pad in 2 clicks.

Mixtikl - Generative Music Lab, Modular Synth, 12 Track Mixer, Arp & Live FX - Intermorphic Ltd.

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Pete Cole said...

Hopefully these videos will help some more audio tool fans get a feel for how powerful and flexible Mixtikl is.

And yes, it can be complex too, but it all depends what you want to do with it! :)

Lots more to come in Mixtikl 4.1 and beyond!


Formal said...

Pete, can you be sure to have all these tutorial vids on your site? It's seems whenever I want to get busy with mixtickl I end up spending an hour looking for good tutorial videos. The manual is a big help but things can still be daunting.

Umcorps said...

@ Formal


is the page to check first. It's updated regularly.

If you've got any requests for demo content, post them in the Intermorphic forum. If people have specific topics they want covering I'll do my best to include them but I need to know what you want to know.

Next demo video in a couple of weeks time will be about tempo synced LFOs.

And could even include some tips about follow type noatikl voices.....

Andrey said...

Sounds very poorly and cheaply!
It is necessary MIDI export for professional sounding compositions.

Andrey said...

Mixtikl will never sound as Reaktor or Omnisphere. Make Sound Font player(DS-NO), and imitation of synthesis remove at all - only loads the processor and sounds I did not hear worse.

Pete Cole said...

Hi Andrey,

Mixtikl 4.1 includes MIDI recording.

Mixtikl also (of course!) includes DLS/wavetable synthesis, and you can mix that up with modular synthesis to get whatever hybrid sounds you want. You can also embed Mixtikl content in a desktop sequenceer as a VST or AU, if that is what you want.

A lot of the fun in Mixtikl is tweaking your own sounds and FX, rather than relying always on presets! :)


Andrey said...
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Andrey said...

great news
now I can record MIDI in live and save it to standart MIDI file?

Andrey said...

And I have cheap(75$)android 2.2 tablet(WM8650, 7', 800x480) and can be tester for Mixtikl for android