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Maker Market

Maker Market has arrived. Here's the news:

A collaboration between MAKE and Boing Boing, Makers Market brings together our favorite entrepreneurial makers and artists selling products and services directly to DIY enthusiasts... Most of the sellers you'll discover in Makers Market are makers whom we've come to know through our work producing MAKE, Boing Boing, Make: Online, CRAFT, Maker Faire, and Make: television. Each seller is selected by the staff at MAKE or the Boing Boing crew. The products are "Maker-Made," either made by, rebuilt by, or substantially produced by the maker selling them. Each maker has their own storefront showcasing their work and sell their products, hosts their own blog, posts pictures and videos, and communicates with their customers and the DIY community at large. MAKE provides the web service, the tools, and the community. Sellers are responsible for doing their own product fulfillment and bringing their unique character, energy, and DIY spirit to the marketplace.

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