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This is a new app that describes itself as a remix engine. It has four audio channels to play with and allows mixes to be saved. The big difference between this and other similar apps is that Sonifi allows users to connect together via bluetooth to 'jam' on the same mix.

I will be really interested to see how this shapes up over the next few weeks, and if it takes off. Ideally I'd like to see peer to peer in apps like looptastic and mixtikl (when it arrives).

Sonifi at the app store:

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robman84 said...

Video looks interesting. Kraftwerk need to do something like this. Maybe you'll be able to use your own loops one day like in looptastic.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd look at this more when you can bring in your own loops etc.

ashley said...

We'll have to see how this one develops.

DJ Mizzy said...

I'm really liking this soo far though. I've been playing with it on and off. It truly has alot of potential. At least to me. With 4 channels, and 4 amazing loops in each channel, also keeping in mind you can turn on and off these loops as well... you've got alot of oppurtunity here.
I read as well that there will be more and more tracks released for sonifi app owners to play with in the future.
Looptastic is fun, but sometimes I feel like some of their loops and songs are very outdated. I was using the break beat and DNB one and it just seemed like im mixing songs from 5 years ago.
Not old enough to be a classic and not young enough to be fun.
At least were mixing current music here.