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The Mobile Studio: Libretto

I'm still trying to find good workable software for my Libretto. Rebirth didn't work out really as you need to run the CD with it and that isn't much good for a machine the size of a Libretto.

I really need something that will run in Windows 95 within 32mb of RAM, which I know is not much at all.

Any suggestions / links gratefully received.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Tuareg 2?


It worked on my old notebook, but it´s a Pentium 2, 64MB.

strandedpoet said...

Thanks a bunch. I'll give it a go.

Anonymous said...

Can you still get libretto's

Computer coupons said...

You can still get Librettos- try online stores- particularly those that have deals or sales, so you can save money. Some stores have sales quite regularly. Toshiba has a forum offering support to Libretto users.