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Meteor 1.1 bringing amazing new features (Exclusive)

A new version of Meteor is due around mid-August with some really amazing new features. Here's what's coming:

Stereo Tracks
Stereo Recording and Stereo Tracks complete with Pure Stereo Imports. The Editing facilities have all been updated to include Editing Stereo Sounds from other Apps. We have also upgraded the Effects so they include Insert Stereo Effects and Stereo Channels.

Meteor 1.1 will include the ability to Record and Play Midi Tracks and Sync with External Hardware using the MIDI Clock.

It will also include a new MIDI Editor available through In-App purchase. This will allow full editing of MIDI Note and Controllers as well as Scrubbing, Step Recordings and In-Place Editing of main MIDI Parts.

Meteor 1.1 also includes loads of other improvements including:
  • Improved Menu System
  • Improved Editor Selection
  • Quantize of both MIDI and Audio data
  • Revert to saved function
  • Improved selection in Editor
  • Course, Medium and Fine Controllers for both MIDI and Audio Tracks
  • Track Names which will appear in the Mixer
  • And finally Assign Custom Colours to parts of a song i.e. make the chorus easy to identify by assigning the colour blue.
There are other improvements and updates that are included but that should keep you going and wet your appetites for this great update to Meteor Multi Track Recorder.


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mr_infamy said...

I'm impressed. I can't see anything that would really make performance any worse on an iPad 1.

Tom TM said...

Yes, I'm impressed.

But I also agree with mr_infamy, which is one of the reasons I'm not using Meteor yet.

Burg said...

records midi, but no midi instrument for playpack when not connected to ext. device?

Or is there a way to actually listen to inputted midi when not hooked up to a midi device?

I still don't have this because I have MD and the sequencers ... still not sure I need it.

freesoulvw said...

Awesome. I wonder if I could copy out the midi parts I make in GB iPad,import into meteor to fix any mistakes and then re import that fixed midi track back into GarageBand.

I don't know if GB will copy out midi data like that or if it will convert it to audio upon export.

If it does keep the midi intact then this might be a way for us to finally edit up GB tracks. There might already be apps that can do this so I might try it with some that allow midi in and out.

robman84 said...

Sounds like a big update! I'm really looking for a decent MIDI sequencer for iOS and haven't found one yet. Littlemidi is ok if you're into retro style sequencing but I really want piano roll and maybe this will fit the bill.

Are there any other MIDI sequencer apps that output over CoreMIDI (i.e. to other apps or over CCK?)

freesoulvw said...

Scratch that GB post....GB locks down it's midi tracks and you can't even copy it to the paste board like audio. If they updated gb to allow midi data copy then my first post would be useful.

Until then........

Robert said...


Check out Brainwave Sequencer for iPad.

Anonymous said...

holy crap...

Anonymous said...

this just might make me buy an iPad a lot sooner lol.....