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Teenage Engineering OP-1 Portable Synthesizer on eBay

Another OP-1 on eBay turns up. Not a bad price, $799. Still too much for me though.

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freesoulvw said...

I used to spend hours and hours on eBay looking at synths. I mean literally. I would see the sunrise and still be crawling every inch of that search box for all things analog.

I didn't even know how to play a keyboard but I knew I need to own all the old Roland machines and vintage gear from the 70/80. I almost bought a few too. I ended up buying one of those Realistic(radio shack) Moog MG-1's. I had it for about 8 months and it had bad contacts in the sliders. The foam on the inside was melted and it turned into gum,it coated all the sliders with it sonthey were hard to slide. The phone jack was wonky.

I spent a lot of time restoring that thing with a slider kit and all. I needed money when I lost a job so I put it back up on eBay. I sold it for the price I paid and the guy got a pretty nice piece of kit. I kick myself every day almost for that.

I loved the synth but in was still in my "experimental" phase. Being a guitar player with a broad spectrum of musical interest I thought I could integrate the synth sound into my current rig. Only now. Since I have been using the iPad,have I totally immersed myself into all things keyed and now I have synth fever again.........

What was the question........:)

Tom TM said...

Simple retro analogue synths are so overrated. I also used to own an MG-1. It's not really a Moog- I thought it would be a nice cheap replacement for my Rogue, which isn't really a Moog either. However the MG-1 was no Rogue :(

If I ever would buy another synth it would be a Micromoog (a real Moog!) Digital is the future. If you want an analogue, don't get burned, buy an iPad (or an OP-1!) :)

Crikey! I'm such a nerd!!! LOL!