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People want a cheap Amazon tablet

According to Retrevo consumers most important feature of a (non-Apple) tablet, is price:

No matter how much chatter surrounds the rumored Android-based Amazon tablet, the company won't reveal any details. But according to Retrevo, Amazon leads the pack among manufacturers, excluding Apple, from whom potential customers would "seriously consider buying a tablet." And which tablet feature matters to consumers most? The price.

I think that this is a really massive opportunity for Amazon to open the market if they do bring out an Android tablet this autumn. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do come up with.

Via ReadWriteWeb.

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Anonymous said...

the data in these surveys is garbage. I'll bet price comes out on top because a lot of people are like, "uh I don't know what resolution or speech recognition does, so I'll say price."

There are already 100$ android tablets, they just happen to not function well (because of issues most people can't articulate like quality of the touchscreen, resolution, processor speed, etc.), so I wouldn't take these surveys at face value.

Garloo said...

I don't realy think of Amazon as a manufacturer of consumer goods but more a portal to other peoples stuff. Could people have missunderstood the question as to where they would buy the tablet vs Amazon branded tablets.

Since the main motivation would be the cheapest price perhaps the people should by Borders books e-readers like my officemates.

Anonymous said...

cheap ppl want cheap tablets, lol

Icepulse said...

I can't take seriously any documentation that says "Barnes & Nobles".

Anonymous said...


The ipad sure looks cheap next to all those 1000$ and 2000$ tablets :D