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A new iPad Synth / Sound Design app arrives from the maker of MidiMe:

GrainBender will be on sale at 50% off for a limited time!

GrainBender is a new iPad synthesizer that makes designing new sounds easier than ever before. Just tap the bend button and sculpt your new sound directly in realtime. GrainBender is capable of making a wide range of sounds, from traditional analog favorites to exotic digital effects.

Key features:
  • unique, intuitive sound design interface
  • versatile oscillators with analog & digital waveforms
  • audio clip recording and export to other apps via AudioCopy
  • extensive but easy-to-use modulation
  • effects ranging from chorus and delay to digital grunge
The app is priced at $4.99.

GrainBender - Burgerkone

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Marlene DeGrood said...

Some audio samples here

Anonymous said...

Looks cute. Stutteredit looks much better. But still it looks cute.

Tom TM said...

You (the developer here in question) make an app for the iPad, chock full of audio demos that DON'T WORK on an iPad!! FAIL!

I've had no access to a PC for the last month- only this iPad. Why is it that some developers don't test their marketing on the platform that they intend to support their product??

Anonymous said...

I really like this synth.
Produced some amazing sounds with this.
IMHO it's up there with all the other much hyped about synths.

Anonymous said...

Tom TM: unfortunately the embedded SoundCloud player doesn't currently work on the iPad but if you browse to the page on SoundCloud it works.