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Mini Synth for Android

There's a series of these synth apps on the Android market, so I thought I'd try one. out to see what they're like.

I got the app open and was a little confused. The interface is a picture of the synth. I thought that perhaps the I could zoom into the interface, but it doesn't work that way so the controls are very difficult to work with.

The sound isn't bad at all, but the latency is a killer sadly. It could be that it's just my device which is really slow.

Anyway, it's a good attempt at a synth app for Android, but for me it doesn't really work out.

You can find it on the Android Market.

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Anonymous said...

i think you can zoom in although the controls re pretty laggy. I agree re sound is good but latency makes it fairly useless unless you just want to sample a note or two.

atm, the only serious approach to making music on android is either through sequencing or generative based methods..

Pierre Fontaine said...

I don't think it's just your device that's slow. I've yet to find a truly playable synth on Android because of the latency issues.

I agree with Anonymous that Android is best with sequencing-type of apps like Caustic.

Daed said...

You know....if your phone can run it, Jasuto is pretty much the best synth app I've found for Android..just wish the dev would pay more attention to it. I've made some flat-out ridiculous patches with that program.

Dj Agent M said...

This is what's failing the so called iPad/iPhone killer devices. Caustic is actually quite good and has a latency setting. Btw like the previous posters its not your device as I thought my HTC desire wasn't up to scratch until I tested my wifes galaxy s and my new HTC sensation. Google please sort it out quick cause you have something good.