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Sound Epic - demo

Make sure you listen around 1 minute in.

Sound Epic - Taptronica Mobile

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Dazz26 said...

Just downloaded this and while trying to load a song from my ipod into it, it hung then shut my phone down. it's still trying to reboot now.
Anybody else have this happen?

freesoulvw said...

Hahaha. That's halarious. I couldn't stop laughing for minutes! Yeah. Thats America. The behind the scenes version.

This app is really pretty freaking epic. To be honest I downloaded it and havent even tried it out. I think I'm gonna go back and see what I can do.

Taptronica said...

@Dazz26, contact support at taptronica.com when you get a chance Dazz. We'd be happy to take a look at the problem. You could send us the song you're trying to import and we could test it ourselves to see what's up.