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SunVox: MultiSynth

SunVox - Alexander Zolotov

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Anonymous said...

anyone noticed that the sunvox videos always show mousing around on the desktop?
no wonder the interface is unusable in the touchversion

Jaybry84 said...

One of the worst interfaces I've ever seen. Unusable.

Anonymous said...

It's not a bad interface... it's just somewhat bad for touchscreens. Remember it's a multiplatform app.

Honestly I've tried really hard to use it on my ipod touch. One problem is that just moving around in the sequencer is slow and imprecise. @Nightradio - respect man, but have you tried writing a full song on an ipod touch or an iphone?

Now if there was an android version I could use with my droid 2 keyboard, that would be a different story. :-)

Tom TM said...

Bang on anon 1. Exactly what I was thinking and about to post.

I wish developers would refrain from trying to write for multiple platforms, and just concentrate on one. If Sunvox is a mouse-driven PC app, it should stay there!

Anonymous said...

@tom that doesn't make much sense... in that case why don't you just pretend like it was never released for ios?

Anonymous said...

anon1@anon2: i did, 3 touches and it doesnt bother me anymore :)

NightRadio said...

Not always :) How about these videos:

Also this track http://soundcloud.com/nightradio/analog-transformations composed with iPhone+Monotron only