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So where's Hokusai Audio Editor then?

I'm sure that this was in 'coming soon' mode a week ago or perhaps longer ago, and a few people have commented on the fact that it hasn't arrived as yet.

So, anyone know anything?

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Sami said...

Don't know either, I'm wondering the same (I was a beta tester). But there is already different app named Hokusai in app store, maybe that's a problem?

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful, reminds me of Monle with the minimalist aesthetic and gestural editing controls. (hopefully it will have more of a lifespan than monle did though).

Glad to see more multitracking apps coming along. I like some of the existing ones, but so far none of the ones I've tried is quite perfect, particularly in the way of rapid destructive editing and FX processing workflow. I used to be able to construct complex tracks in soundforge on an old PC through repeated creative application of cut/copy/paste and offline effects and I haven't found anything on ios that would let me do that well.

Curious to see what hokusai offers...

Canis, Wooji Juice said...

We submitted Hokusai to Apple some time ago and are still waiting to hear back. Glad to hear people are keeping an eye open for it though! Definitely looking forward to it getting into people's hands!

@Anon, the free version of Hokusai offers similar tools to Monle (cut/copy/paste/fade/etc) but the upgraded versions will offer many more offline effects and features :)

freesoulvw said...

Yeah. I was under the impression that the app was in "review with apple like 3 weeks ago.

This is the longest review I've ever seen. FL went in on the 16 and dropped on what, the 22nd. That's exactly 7 days.

Most apps I see drop that is about the standard time frame to expect?!?! What's going on wooji? Was it a bit of a false start?

mr_infamy said...

Also, how many of the features are limited to the iPad2?

Canis, Wooji Juice said...

@freesoulwv: We've been publishing iOS apps since the App Store first opened, and approval times have varied a lot. We find it's usually about 7 days, but the shortest was 4 days, and the longest was about a month.

@mr_infamy: Currently, we don't limit any features by device. We do change the user interface slightly between iPhone and iPad to better suit the different screen sizes, but you can still access the same features. For example, iPad has undo/redo buttons, while on iPhone there isn't room, but you can use the standard "shake" gesture. There are no changes between iPad 1 and iPad 2.

Of course, if you're using a device that doesn't have a microphone (do Apple still sell those? Or do all the iPod touches have mics now? I forget, and I haven't had my coffee yet today ;) ) you won't be able to record unless you plug one in (eg a headset). And I think that some devices don't currently support USB Audio over Camera Connection Kit. Those aren't Hokusai limitations, though -- that's down to iOS. We just use the hardware that's available, and if the device doesn't accept that hardware, we can't either. But that also means that if Apple add support to those devices in future, they would automatically work with Hokusai too.

kidBaltan said...

where is the iphone version of the horizon
would also be weeks since the original release