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Tom TM said...

I like the idea that you can see everything laid out on the desk. I'd love to see the same idea in Nanostudio. :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if there a good way to import samples? I would like to get my sample library into this thing (sigh, I'm basically mirroring my drum library for every serious music app... silly apple).

Overall it's pretty sweet. I don't think that layout makes sense in nanostudio unless it goes modular (I would like to see some modular options in nanostudio though - bussing tracks would be great).

I like the sequencer free concept... it encourages me to spend more time getting the performance right and less time nudging notes around.

I'm not a huge fan of retronym's presets. They all fall into a very narrow aesthetic (thin/cold/electronic), but with the modular setup there's enough sound sculpting options to keep me busy for a while though.

Be forewarned, some basic effects like delay and reverb require an IAP. I think for most users, practically speaking, this is going to be a 15-20$ app with the IAPs. IMO, that's a fair price for something like this anyway, so I'm not going to whine too much about it.

Zach said...

FYI, you can import samples via iTunes. There are more details in the FAQ: http://retronyms.com/support.html

If you've got a sample in another iOS app that you want to bring in, you can do it via AudioPaste (it's in the element selector menu on the Gridlok).

2Anonymous2BeReal said...

It looks like IOS is beginning to be able to do what Flash could 5 years ago with stuff like Audiotool. But I guess if we would've had access to use Flash and Audiotool we wouldn't have bought so many useless apps (really, there's maybe only 5% of music apps that are really usable. Most apps are used for one days, then forgotten...).

How much is this one already? Oh and it has IAP? Does that mean I have to re-purchase every components twice if I own 2 idevices?

And do you think you'll still use it one year from now?

Anonymous said...

Have to agree, this look way too much like Audiotool. Only Audiotool is free, has more devices and a full sequencer integrated in the environment. I wonder what Andre Michelle (dev of audiotool) thinks of someone ripping his project like this.

Anonymous said...

fair enough re audiotool comparisons.

Unfortunately, I can't run audiotool on my ipad and audiotool hasn't been ported to ipad, so why the complaints?

Anonymous said...

this whole thing about audiotool reminds me of the "simpsons already did it" episode of south park. It'd be one thing if audiotool was an ios app and retronyms was trying to compete with them based on their own idea, but that's not the case.

anotha-anon said...


The complain is that if we are not allowed to run every software we want on the idevices we own, and devs are restricted by Apple in what they can program and distribute.

If IOS was a open platform like Windows and OSX, we would have access to a broader range of software and interoperability. We wouldn't need Apple's permission to run an app. We could've been using Audiotool on the ipad an it would've been great, instead we have to wait for someone to copy it, which in this case took 5 years.

Imagine if you would need permission from Microsoft to publish an app for Windows.

Anonymous said...

@anotha I agree, but that criticism should be directed at apple. either that, or support the android platform / jailbreak your device.

Regardless, it's not really fair to direct the frustration at the retronym devs who, if nothing else, have put in a lot of work to provide a promising alternative given the current limitations of the ios platform.

2Anonymous2BeReal said...

Actually I think Retronym has done a fantastic job. Tabletop wouldn't be comparable to Audiotool if it wasn't so great.

My rage is all about Apple/Steve Jobs policies (and I think a lot will change at Apple when he'll be gone).