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Shoudio looks like it could be very interesting

Shoudio is a location based audio platform for sharing sounds / snippets. Here's some of the stuff you can do with it:

What are you hearing? Instantly record and publish interesting soundsnippets.
Move around and check nearby, popular and recent audio recordings 
Add your friends and other interesting people.
Hashtag radio
Make your own channels or tune into some. 
Crosspost your recordings to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
Embed your stream
Add your recordings with the html5 ready widget to your sites and blogs 
iTunes & Email
Let followers instantly subscribe via iTunes podcast or mail any Shoudio recording
Fancy up your recordings with a picture.

Shoudio is free
  • Record and share Location Based Audio
  • Discover places of the world through sound
  • Hear what others heard
  • Share your Shoudios on Facebook, Twitter and iTunes
  • It's free!
I guess in some ways it is quite similar to SoundCloud, but it has a few other features that SoundCloud doesn't, or at least not at yet anyway. I may give it a try and see what it's like

Shoudio - Open & Sociaal

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RoelandP said...

Hi thanks for this!

in the past months we have been updating our apps. We are now live for iPhone & Android and we have updated our touch pages, for landings from social networks on mobiles. Our Facebook wallplayer has been updated too and we have introduced Shoudio Collections: discover audioguides, albums and more routes around you. We already have audioguides for San Francisco, Amsterdam and some other collections from audio-artists, and journalists (interviews).

Our best new features from 2011 summed up:

High Def recording on Android & iPhone
Yes, recently we introduced the HD recording also in our Android app. Use it to get super high definition crystal clear audiorecordings, but bear in mind that the filesize increases.

Save for later
Recorded something but no internet available? Simply save your recording and upload later.

Shoudio Collections
Collections are selections of Shoudios put together to form some kind of story. This can be an album, an audioguide or any other bundle of recordings. You can make your own collection too!

Every user is an app!
In october we introduced the feature on our blog: Every user profile including yours is automatically an installable app (on iOS). Simply visit your mobile profile at http://m.SHOUD.IO/shoudio-user (on an iOS device)
Finding your friends made easy
Find your friends from Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare or email-contacts in the Shoudio apps or on our website. Share the noise!

Upload/record sound(files) via our site.
Recently we introduced file-uploading. Did you record or make some audio in mp3, wav or aiff? Share it via our webuploader on Shoudio. Simply hit the 'New Shoudio'-button
And our Xmas gift: introducing Waveforms
To spice up your userprofile we added a subtle waveform for each recording. Subtle but subtle enough, so you can see what you are about to listen to.

Check it for yourself at http://Shoudio.com