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Freesoul's Sound

Freesoul, a regular commenter at Palm Sounds, has started his own blog featuring his music made with iOS.

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Donald said...

I checked out the blog briefly and just wanted to say it looks cool.
It looks like a cool place to find inspiration.
Freesoul, had you thought about adding which apps you used in the track description? I always find it cool and a compliment to the app developers when their app is mentioned by name in the track description. It would also help newbies understand what a particular app or combination of apps are(is) capable of.

freesoulvw said...

Thanks for the feed back. I try to describe the apps and methods used in all my tracks in the soundcloud description when you click the songs title. I will go back and make sure that I have all the apps listed correctly as you are very right,the app developers need full credit.
Thanks again.