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Touchproducer: This is where the battle ends

I really loved this post from Touchproducer and I agree completely. If you're tired of the whole 'iOS v Android' argument, then you need to read this.

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Garloo said...

I liked this article.

I own several OS on computers at the house due to what I need for whateaver freelance project I am working on.

I think that once Android has worked out the audio/midi issues that now cripple the door will be open to do many great things. Including audio routing "record what you hear" options.

Presently Apple has made the individual app the center of the os. Android could easly (because of few or no restrictions) make the project file and workflow the center allowing you to share or use multible apps on the same file. This would quickly make Android the prefered music platform.

I find it very frustrating that I can not easly take the great synths and intregreate the great sounds I can get in individual apps into a song. The iOS seems to make this near impossible and I am constantly doing work arounds like copying and resampleing or recording stereo sounds in mono from ipad to iphone. Nothing works togeather if Garageband is the vision it means that each app will have to be a self contained swiss army knife. As long as I work in Beatmaker2 or Nanostudo things are fine but if I want to overdub somthing I have to move to a desktop daw (as you are expected to do in garageband).

Android could offer the solution to these issues and be the top music making OS but time will tell. It could be great if they do this as Apple will no doubt have some reason to compete.