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JamUp Lite for iPhone

A new effects app for the iPhone arrives. Brian Wang (developer of PianoAngel) speaks very highly of the app, so here's the description:

JamUp Lite is a self-contained, professional-grade multi-effect app that will provide access to 1 amp model and 4 stomp effects. It supports up to 5 simultaneous amp/FX through an easy drag-and-drop signal path, it also allows easy pre and post effect position arrangement.

JamUp is incredibly simple to use, running a multi-effect pedal on a touch-based device is an incredibly amazing experience. Each effect parameter can be accessed in realtime through a simple touch just like the real thing. There’s no digging through menus, no learning process and no hassles. A uniquely designed touch-and-drag amp/effects signal path is available to allow users to generate the most flexible and creative tone.

JamUp Lite Features:
  • Ultra low latency multi-effect
  • Runs up to 5 simultaneous amp/fx
  • 4 stomp effects (classic distortion, echo delay, digital reverb, noise gate)
  • 1 amp (British 30 TB)
  • Convolution based cabinet simulation
  • Easy arrangement of pre and post effect position 
The app is free.

JamUp Lite - Positive Grid LLC

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dswo said...

Description of what will be in the pro version here: http://positivegrid.com/jamup-pro/

ashley said...

Thanks for that.

Jerry said...

I tried this app. I like the way that each effect can be switched order. The app should come up with a tuner like amplitube.

Joe said...

could be cool if it has more types