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Tabletop - Sampling from turntable

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brian said...

Smart set-up, dumb music.
I revise my first impression : Tabletop is pretty impressive, and what the hell if it costs a few bucks more to get the whole picture.

Dj Agent M said...

Nice one brian. Also I seen audiopaste in there. think its just for the drum machine but suits me fine.

Tom TM said...

My criticism of the turntable is that while you can get the obvious 'scratch' sound while moving them with your finger, if you press start/stop, there isn't that classic 'start/stop sound' you get with a real turntable, just a cutoff or instant on.

I hope the devs at Retronyms get around to fixing this asap. :)

Marlene DeGrood said...

I'm just having a hellofa lot of fun with this.

Anonymous said...

I'm liking it, but I'm getting a lot of audio stuttering and dropouts when I've got several modules going. The audio dropouts appear in the recording when you're recording your set.. Think this will be improved?

John-Paul said...

@ Anon

One tip is to try a restart of your iPad.

We tested quite a bit on both iPad 1 and 2, and audio glitches shouldn't be too prevalent as long as you keep an eye on the CPU meter in the Mr.O.

Because its modular, it is possible to max it out... but if you continue to have issues get in touch with us via http://retronyms.com/support.html

Anonymous said...

wrong header?
its sampling from a fileplayer not a turntable

Anonymous said...

Thanks John-Paul.. I'll give another try, and send a note with details to you guys.

Anonymous said...

its a stupid way to chop samples, it would be better to sample if u see the whole song and if u zoom in and set start and end points.
or some auto chop feature.
this is aiming to be oldschool but there is no reason to chop one shots like that.
if u want to record scratches this might be fun but everything else is a joke

Keri said...

TableTop is deceptive packaging. The base package limits are at the worst possible positions, so you'll likely end up paying $38 for the whole enchilada no matter what.

Better to ask yourself whether you're ready to spend that amount _before_ you even spring for the base package. Otherwise, you'll end up very disappointed very quickly. I know I did.