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Electronic Piano Synthesizer for iPad update

A new update is coming to Electronic Piano Synth very soon. Here's what to expect:

update v1.1 should be available this weekend (submitted to Apple last friday). CoreMIDI via CameraConnectionKit or Network is supported now. New Oscilloscope design and Sound Engine improvements are also included. Also the possibility to tune or finetune the EPS called "A4 Tuning". I´ve also added linear knob movement (vertical and horizontal). 

Electronic Piano Synthesizer - Christian Bacaj

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freesoulvw said...

I just logged in to my iPad and what do I see. This awesome update!

I just bought this app last night and I wake up to this. Today should he a good day.

This app got a good update and the same thing happens with me with the Sun Vox developers new app, pixel wave. I am having some good luck with app purchases :)

mr_infamy said...

Awesome. Better check the App Store. Also better re-record my video demo... again.

Donald said...

I am looking forward to that video demo. I got a promo code for this a week ago and I wanted to do some type of written review to show my appreciation. I know nothing about synths so your demo could be a good starting point.

morgianmen said...

CoreMIDI via Camera ConnectionKit or Network is accurate now. New Oscilloscope architecture and Sound Engine improvements are aswell included.