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Novation coming to the market with a V-Station (HD) app?

Thanks to Marc for this tip off. Gearjunkies have the scoop.

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Beat said...

I had a feeling Novation was cooking up something. Can't wait for this.
Patches on Standby.

jamie said...

Nice. There are so many older VST's that could run on iOS. I hope this trend continues with other manufacturers.

Anonymous said...

This would be great. The novation vst seems to have enjoyed a long tail as computers have caught up with i's high-end (at the time) requirements and and high-end (at the time) sound, while the price dropped.

Good for them for taking the long view and producing a quality product.

kovsky said...

great sounds & interfaces
though I find some of their hardware a bit flimsy,
too plastic..

Tom said...

I want Waldorf to release something 'wavey' for iPad!