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GyroSynth on sale

GyroSynth is still on sale at just $0.99.

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giku said...

It's the screenshot from older version. Now it look differently and has more features.

Anonymous said...

Just bought it, awesome app. The granular sample warping is right up my alley. Thanks for the heads up on this

Anonymous said...

Hello, I already posted this on the previous 'Gyrosynth on sale' post but got no reaction. I think it would make these posts even more useful:

Could you mention the normal price in the "on sale" posts?

The way it is now it's like a "blind" discount.

Elvgren fan said...

One of my favorite music making instruments for the iPhone. Easy to learn, wonderful sounds.

Palm-Sounds said...

@Anon, I do try to put in the previous price and I did take notice of the last time you asked for this, I just can't guarantee to remember each time that's all. Sorry if it is a problem, I just think that getting the news of a price drop out is probably important on it's own.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I hope it didn't seem too negative. It's a great blog!