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iPad, Apogee ONE & 40sec Funky Jam!

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Anonymous said...

Please post some info about this. Do all hubs work? I guess it wont work without power or a non powered hub??

Beat said...


Yes, it's working with a powered USB hub that he first plugge in.
The apogee 1 might draw too much power to run without a hub.

Mr. Tunes said...

kind of funny - i've had multitrack daw on my iphone for ages, and i can't figure out how to use it for the life of me. not the best interface.

Mat said...

@Mr. Tunes

I had the same feeling about Multitrack's interface when I started using it. Once you have found how it works it's actually quite smart, but you definitely have to get used to it first. I still bitch sometimes at it as I can't seem to find how to make a function work, it's a kind of process: unintuitive to me but pretty powerful when figured out.

Mr. Tunes said...

ok giving it a bit more patience now. as far as putting together complete tracks, all roads lead to this app it sounds like.