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Not music creation, but useful for discovery

Discovr isn't an app for music creation but I thought I'd write something about it as I've found it really handy and interesting to look up artists and discover new music.

The premise is very simple. You put in the name of an artist and the app shows you some similar artists. Tap on one of those and it goes on. Very straightforward but the results I've been getting are quite good and as the app dropped down from $2.99 to $0.99 recently I thought a few people might find it handy.

Discovr - Jammbox

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Anonymous said...

I put it on my game page it's so fun. Very good bios and well picked videos for the most part to explore new bands.

KGridMod said...

How er "underground" does this go? Is it just nasty surface pop stuff, or if there interesting underground experimental stuff on this as well? Don't really wanna buy it if it's just mainstream. GNOD can be quite useful if you check out the music map, or whatever it's called.