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BeatStudio coming from Frontier Design Group

Frontier are bringing a new app to add to their already excellent line up. Here's what they have to say about their new app:

We're wrapping up work on our newest iOS music app, BeatStudio. We've had a lot of requests for an easy to use, but powerful percussion app to accompany iShred and GuitarStudio. BeatStudio is a universal app that works equally well on your iPhone, iPod touch and your iPad.

30 Professionally sampled percussive instruments
Ranging from standard drum kit drums and cymbals, to shakers, sleigh bells and even a vibraslap! The selection of sounds will fill all your percussion needs. Each instrument has been sampled at a variety of volume and hit intensities, which you can adjust to get just the sound you need.

Customizable Instrument Layout
The playing and recording screen holds from six to twenty instruments of your choice. This flexibility allows for a clean interface for songs ranging from simple to complex, and anything in between. There's even a menu lock for performing live or when you want to hand it over to your budding three year old percussionist.

Record your performance, with each recording appearing as a separate track in the track arrangement screen. Multi-track recording, and the ability to loop track clips makes it easy to add repeating elements throughout your song. To make your song beat-perfect, you can adjust the metronome and quantize settings - including BPM, beats per bar, the number of sub-beats and quantize strength.

Not only can you rearrange your recorded tracks, but you can edit anything you have recorded, moving individual instrument events around within a recording, adding new instruments and events, or deleting an accidental sound. This powerful editing tool also uses the quantize settings to make it easy to put your beats in the right place. There's a great undo system that will help you recover from accidents or even edits that just didn't work out.

Backing Tracks
It's easy to play along with your favorite song, or one of your other musical creations as a backing track. Import from your iPod library, WiFi, iTunes, or AudioCopy/AudioPaste to play along with recordings from other Frontier Design Group apps (and other compatible iOS apps). If there is a tricky section that you want to figure out the best beat pattern for, the backing track player features a variable speed slider, so you can slow down (or even speed up) your backing track. After you've mastered it, slide the speed back to 1x and all of your recordings follow suit.

BeatStudio is a fun, easy, and yet powerful app. Whether you're playing live with your iPhone band or sitting down to make a multi-layered percussion backing track for your guitar songs, we've got you covered.

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Beat said...

You heard it first @ Palm Sounds! Great App coverage. I love it.
Sounds like an app I been wanting for a while. We'll see.
ie: editing

uncentered said...

i am really missing a decent bespoke drum app on the iOS. heaps of decent drum apps but for me they all lack in one or two categories. something like beatmaker without all the chaff and awkward UI or like iDrum apps but with more sequences and features. then i'll be complete until i realise i need something else again :P

uncentered said...

in fact my dream list:

1. Unlimited sequences
2. Pads to record live
3. Audio copy paste/sonoma copy
4. A few effects, reverb, delay distortion
5. Easy to use UI
6. Easy import of own samples or record
7. Fun

kovsky said...

I think fingerbeat and rhytm trax come pretty close to that
both recommended....