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Marlene DeGrood said...

Not that it matters .... but ... I really don't give a damn what Audanika has to say about their "new" SoundPrism app ... I'm disappointed and feel ripped off.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Careful! That comment could be construed as 'hating' on a developer and it might make them cry..!


johnnyg0 said...


Don't be mad at Audanika, they are only following the standard practises for IOS defined by Apple, every app maker has to if they don't want to be rejected (remember the last Soundprism update was rejected by Apple).

Its because of those practises that those apps exists (you can call them Pro, HD, XT, in-app paying upgrades, etc.. ). In some extreme cases there are litteraly 20 different versions of the same apps. Demos are not even allowed, this is why we are stuck with all those "lite" apps.

... but I understand your disappointment, I still feel the same about Beatmaker2, and many other ones, but it would take too long to list them all :)

Just remember, IOS devices are not pocket computers, they are portable consoles/gaming systems, with the same kind of restrictions as the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP (there are many music apps for the DS and the PSP btw). Apple makes a lot of efforts to be certain that its devices are not used like a pocket computer by the masses, sadly for us (no filesystem access, in 2011? really? no ways to copy/transfer our work/project files, in 2011?.. really??).