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Android getting in-app

I'm sure that this is probably a good thing to keep the likes of Android on a par with iOS. However, I'd sort of hope google could come up with something more innovative for Android rather than just keep pace with Apple.

Still, it is a step in the right direction.

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Richard@PatternMusic.com said...

This is a fairly big deal in terms of Android app monetization.

Android apps are predominantly free (approx 60%) compared to iOS (approx 33% free).

On iOS in-app purchase of a free-to-paid conversion is as much as 5x more effective than having separate free and paid apps.

Garloo said...

Android adds in app iOS builds deeper voice control(presently better in Android). No ones wants to be second in features.

johnnyg0 said...

"google could come up with something more innovative for Android"

How about this : Amazon.com lets you play with an Android virtual machine, try apps before you buy them, all through a browser! You don't even need an Android phone to try them out. I seriously doubt Apple will ever do something similar.


I just hope in-apps purchases on Android won't encourage devs to sell half-products like on IOS.